Thursday, August 31, 2017

Waiting - The Rowing Song

I learned the name of this rowing song and the dance from another field missionary who watched the video with us. She said she knew one of the Sisters. Missionary work can make the world much smaller.

I hope this works and that you can see the Sisters at the MTC.  They were waiting for something but spent their time learning a rowing song together and sharing. After I watched them in the hall, I asked if I could film them and share it with those I blog with. They said, "Sure!" and started practicing. My camera ran out of battery power, so I enlisted Elder Stinchfield to come and film them on his phone. He then sent it to my laptop and I uploaded it to YouTube. I'm really hoping you can watch the Sisters perform this Samoan Rowing song, "Sasa". And enjoy the dance "Taulunga". Here is the link: Rowing Song

I thought about the Panek's and how they always honor their culture and promote the songs and history of their ancestors. I love that the Sisters would share this with their district and pass along some joy and history.

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