Wednesday, August 2, 2017

How many dentists does it take..........

After a break, the dentists turned back on their power for their chairs and tools and there was a distinct pop in Dr. Stinchfield's operatory.
The three dentist immediately go to check it out. But there is only room for two dentists to get their hands in the "mouth" of the problem
Using the tools they have on hand - all dental related but not necessarily engineer related, Dr Stewart and Stinchfield go to work.
Using the same light he uses to see into his patient's mouths Elder Stinchfield looks into the problem. Elder Stewart is a pro using the materials on hand to patch up problems.
After a 20 minute delay, the operatory was up and working again.
The ongoing question is how do you maintain and continue running a charity clinic? 
Use what you have - mostly an inventive mind.

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