Sunday, August 27, 2017

Only a week?

I realized today that it has only been a week since I was in California watching my son get married to his beautiful wife. So much happened there and so much has happened since I got back and I'm still dealing with the jet lag. Awake at 2 in the morning and asleep by 7 at night. Another few days and I should have my body clock in sync again.

I'll deal with the easy stuff first!  My ward in California - Clayton Valley 1st - came through for me big time!! I asked for items a new, returning sewer could use. It took three suitcases to hold! I also asked for toothbrushes and they gave me floss and toothpaste too!!
Boxes after being emptied so contents would fit snuggly in suitcase
When I unpacked and then re-packed the sewing materials they took up four large bags and a box. There is too much for one man to carry on a bus to his home, so I am thinking about driving an hour and a half to three hours down to Cavite to drop them off at her house.
Re-packaged materials to drop off 
Thanks Clayton Valley 1st!!! You are the best! So generous, helpful and awesome, I really appreciate your time, money and efforts to help me with this project!!

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