Thursday, August 24, 2017

"Don't get used to this."

On the trip over to Hong Kong from Manila, Cathay Airlines bumped us up to business class from Premium Economy for the two and a half hour plane ride. As I explored all the buttons, gadgets and how the seat moved up and laid flat, the television screen popped out the room and comfort of the area, Jeffrey warned me, "Don't get used to this." Too late, flying in business class on Cathay is fabulous!
I played with all these gadgets. Notice the seat buttons - the top lays back the bottom comes up and the middle moves forward to let your feet rest on a step in front to lay flat. Of course there is  a blanket and pillow on the seat as you sit down.
We were handed a hot towel when we sat down and also a drink in a glass before the plane had even started.
Rest your feet straight out, or put the "chair" closer and lay out flat. Yes, I am already "use" to this! My knees never touched a thing except my dress. There is a place for a purse of small bag by my feet.
I had an overhead compartment all to myself. The backpack hardly took any room.
This is the meal they served and then added the main dish with our choice of what we wanted. The napkin was cloth and the silverware was metal not plastic.
Drinks were offered, the lights were dimmed, snacks could be had if wanted. There were movies to choose from, games to play, things to buy, and maps to look at as we traveled.

Sorry Jeffrey, I am totally use to this!!
Thank You Cathay Pacific - please let me travel with you again (and again).

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