Sunday, May 28, 2017

Continuing Adventure

Waiting for a Jeepney in Cabao
Riding in the open air jeepneys is interesting and facinating
Jonah and I jumped on another jeepney and went to the middle of Quezon City which has a circle with a shrine in the middle and a museum with gardens surrounding it. 
From the busy crowded city we walked down the stairs and crossed underneath a six lane road to a quiet set of gardens
Underneath the roadway

The museum and shrine is for a man named Manuel L. Quezon who was an influential man and second president of the Philippines and first president of the Commonwealth. 
This shrine and museum has three angels at the tippy top and is in the center of the circle with gardens around
At the entrance to the museum

He reminded me of Moroni and his efforts to free his people and urge them to defend their country.  He must have been a very persuasive man because many people could see his vision and as a statesman he came to America visited many states and Senators to get their support for a self-governing country.  Actually I have discovered many Filipinos who wanted self-rule and an end to other nations ruling their country.  After watching, looking and seeing this particular history through the eyes of the Filipino historical lens, I’m realizing it is different than the heroic tale I was given in my history lesson of the American's fighting to help a people be free – besides the fact that I believe there were only 3 paragraphs – maybe pages about the Filipino conflict and resolution in my history class.

Jonah and I walked around in the gardens exploring. We met a horticulturist Margaret ___ who showed us the flowers she was propagating and explained how she was put in charge and found an overrun place without many flowers.
Margaret - horticulture expert in charge of gardens

 Her gardens are really lovely. 

We walked through a ‘succulent’ garden. Did you know there are cactus plants in the Philippines? The moist heat was stewing me in my own sweat while I’m touring cacti – most interesting – I am used to frying in the dry heat when I see cacti. 

Thanks to Laura, Norma and Rosanne I have to explore and notice all the flora and fauna but without anyone to answer questions that come up.
Playing tennis in the heat

We explored the amusement part of the park with swings and tables for families and children. There was a whole circle of interesting exercise stations. Each swinging or rotating ahhh….device…..could maximize efforts in muscle building different ways. I noted the glider was in full use and some of the more difficult ones were not. I wasn’t even tempted by the tennis courts and wondered how anyone could run around hitting a ball in this heat. Of course I did see a lady with a sweater so I know it is my metabolism that is off not theirs. Jonah bought water at one of the shops lining the circle and I made the mistake of giving a little boy twenty pesos for a string of flowers. Wow – all the beggars came out. Jonah was very good at leading me away with a look over her shoulder. On these trips I always give her my wallet and she takes care of all the transactions. I think I have “sucker” written all over my head and back, so it is much easier when she talks and takes care of things.

Another garden
 It looked like a lovers paradise with little arches and white wrought iron benches and bridges over nothing and when we went in sure enough the couples were in little corners everywhere. We took a few shots for fun and left them to their courting.

So the last stop at the Quezon Circle was a home that was a sample of one Miguel L Quezon and his family lived in and had the actual beds and clothing the family wore. It was funny and interesting watching the tour guide strive to give me a really good tour while struggling with English. Two of the other guides followed us and him around sometimes laughing at him and sometimes trying to communicate ideas to me too. Jonah took pictures of a recipe that Mr. Quezon was reported to love and maybe I'll make it up. It looks a little heavy so I'll try it out when the weather is cooler.
The two girls on the sides are guides, Jonah, I and our tour guide in front of the sample house President Quezon lived in.

I had a great day on many levels of emotion fascinating, fun, contemplative, reflective, interesting, exasperating, informative and fun time with Jonah seeing and exploring her country.

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