Wednesday, May 24, 2017

White Shirts

I'm posting about laundry......again.
For the last two weeks I've been trying out an idea my visiting teacher gave me on how to make whites white. I have this ongoing fascination watching all the white white shirts hanging in alleyways, fences, doors, and trees. Lots of those people live in what I would term camping situations. At the same time regardless of the cycle I use on my machine, my whites just get a little dingier each week.

The key is something my grandmother did all the time. Soak the clothes overnight or for a few hours in water and a bit of bleach and soap.
This is a bathroom with just a toilet and water nozzle. I don't know if it qualifies for the title bathroom. Anyway its a great place to soak clothes out of the way of traffic.
There is a section in the grocery store that has all the laundry supplies and containers anything you need with regards to laundry.
The bucket is much too heavy to lift and pour out the water, this scoop is handy to dump about a liter and a half out at a time.
Success!!! Well I count it as a success as the whites are not getting dingy and smell so much nicer.

Since I am a missionary, I will liken this to how the repentance process and sin works. When there is something off or amiss in life, take corrective action. Sin means missing the mark. Finding a solution or change is the first step, the second is following through and the last step is making sure the correction continues or gets better.

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