Thursday, May 25, 2017

Intake today!

I know when I go in to work today that there will be a lot of families waiting outside of the MTC with happy, anxious, and some sad faces as the new missionaries line up to walk into the doors. I'll fall in love with some of them again and then they will leave with different confident faces.
May Elders and Sister one day at PE
Some missionaries jog every morning. This picture does not show the humidity that makes it harder to keep going
I do not know why they always exercise outside - the MTC does have a gym
Every batch has zealous basketball players
I would assume basketball is the national sport - there is hardly any neighborhood that doesn't have someone playing.
Same patterns but completely different vibes from each batch. This batch was very loud and laughing together and cooperative in helping each other.  I'm looking forward to what develops in the next batch.

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