Saturday, May 6, 2017


It is happening again. The day looked like it would be over fairly quickly with only four missionaries coming in. Instead we saw eight or nine before 11 am.

When I put the schedule together for Monday, I had one appointment at 7 am and three at 8 am. I didn’t feel I needed to call back and re-schedule because I “knew” it would be turn out all right. I felt one of the missionary companionships would come early and another companionship would be later.  What I didn’t foresee was a President and his wife who texted that they would be in for their appointment in five minutes. Everybody looked at everybody else. Whomever made the appointment hadn’t shown up that day, but because two of the appointments came early it was easy to slip them in. Addition emergency appointment came from the MTC on a missionary who needed help before he flew off and one of the companionships came late and both missionaries were seen. The missionary who had “a toothache” and maybe we could look at her ended up with double root canal.  Another man came in to see Elder Stewart and was taken care of too. Though it felt a little chaotic to make up patient charts at the last minute and scrabble to put trays together, it really wasn’t and I felt like the Lord had taken care of the details before we knew there would be something to deal with.

Tuesday was pretty much the same with only two appointments scheduled the day before and six missionaries seen as different situations developed. 

On Thursday we only had one appointment of a missionary at 2 pm - late because of the dentist’s immigration appointment downtown.He ended up coming back early because there wasn't an appointment. But the day before another missionary needed to come so that was going to be two appointments and before the day was out three more missionaries from Manila needed to come. Sometimes I sit back in amazement and watch events unfold that I can tell have been structured by the Lord because it is so orderly. The timing always works out and we never have all seven waiting in the office all in the same hour.  Even who the missionary sees can be impressive when we don’t know what is actually wrong and they end up with the doctor that can help them the best.  Of course each of us do the best we can - but still - there is no way we could work it all out on our own……..I can see the powerful hand of God at work.

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