Saturday, May 13, 2017

Walked home on Monday

Monday afternoon I needed to get home and it was our code day. Code day means you can't travel in your car between the hours of  7 am and 7 pm on the main roads. Jeffrey and I had invited a family over for family home evening and I needed to get dinner on. I stood around for a taxi - well maybe I paused and walked on looking over my shoulder for a taxi. None arrived in good time, so I thought I'd walk a little further till I saw one. But then being too antsy I thought maybe I'd just walk a little adrenaline off and walk part way home. As I rounded a corner I realized it was one way and that when I did get to the two way traffic I would be on the wrong side of the road to get a taxi going my way, so I resolved to just walk home........I found am NOT acclimatized to this weather.

I saw a man watering some flowers and asked if I could use his hose. He replied, "Are you ok?" I just took the water and hosed off my head then walked home. I got some really weird looks, so I didn't look anyone in the eye - I just soldiered on. I was completely dry 20 minutes later.

I took a picture because this is another adventure (I'm recording adventures) and had a cold (no hot water at all) shower then quickly made a Zack's Mac and a Taco salad for supper.

When I downloaded my pictures later I realized that my smile was tight and my eyes were not smiling.

Maybe I'll try walking home in a month or two

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Ludlows said...

An adventure to remember.