Friday, May 5, 2017

Visiting teaching

I am continually amazed at the different homes members of the same ward live in. Mansions and hovels with everything in between is the standard of homes.
I went visiting teaching with two other ladies. One lady had lived in Antioch, taught in Concord and had moved back here a few years ago. The other lady was a high school physics teacher who is getting another degree. They picked me up at the church with a huge SUV. One of the ladies made a joke about the car being bigger than her house. I had no idea if it is a joke or not as I've never been to their homes. I have been in some pretty magnificent homes, but the three ladies we visited were on the other extreme. All three lived in one room and shared bathroom and cooking facilities with others. The first lady's cooking was done outside and she stored her "kitchen" under her bed. Her clothes hung from the ceiling and she had a small dresser/book case that stored her possessions. The next lady had a bigger room she shared with her 14-year old son and the kitchen was inside - but shared. The last lady actually had three small rooms clean and neat but everything was stacked high in the "living" room. She had some wonderful - devices - uh - things.
I told them I was taking pictures to put on my blog and they were so nice to get in the spirit of the event. I had no idea what anyone said while they visited though sometimes one of my companions would translate for me and would tell me about the ladies.  The visits were sobering, fun, and mind-expanding. It was clear I am living in a palace and quibbling about a bug or two is ludicrous in comparison.
In the courtyard with people living in each of the rooms around us
My two companions with single mother
We visited this talented lady who is hilarious and has her own Facebook page
She use to cool for all the ward dinners and Laura would love her kitchen gadgets!

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