Sunday, May 14, 2017

The way Visiting Teaching is done

This time Sister Nido (lady on the right) asked me to go visiting teaching with her on Thursday afternoon. Sister Villanuevo (lady on the left) went with us instead of the Relief Society president that went last time. Last time I gave sunflowers to grow but I don't think it was a big hit. It is too hot and who cares?  This time I gave out little bags of different colored rice. I'm fascinated with the variety of rice you can find and want to get recipes on how to cook rice. The recipe I came home with was hot to fry up pork bellies - very interesting.
Our message was President Monson's talk about the power of the Book of Mormon. Sister Villanuevo  urged her to read the Book of Mormon every day.

Our second appointment is with ____linda. Sorry I can only remember the linda part of it. I told her I'd get her picture at church on Sunday with her son.

She is doing a great job raising her son. He just started summer seminary.

The third house we pulled up to was a small (dinky) courtyard that was filled with running children - most of whom where in my Primary class. After hugging the children, chairs were pulled up and we sat in a semi-circle to give out the message. The husbands picked up the infants and the women just sat talking for a bit. When I was asked my testimony of President Monson's talk I replied that this is a prophet of God and he is giving us blessings and promises if we read and apply the Book of Mormon. I likened it to Moses making a brass serpent on a pole and asking the people to do an action - Look. We are asked to read (action) the Book of Mormon every day and build our testimonies. It will save us as surely as the people Moses saved from serpent bites.

Sister Nido on left, next mother of infant and one of my Primary kids I think, nest me, next Sister Villanuevo mother of M Dale in my class, next Sister Jay - first home we ever visited, next mother of a missionary in Edmonton, Canada and reason she joined the church, and last the mother of Jet Adam who is in my class. She is pregnant and hoping all goes well.
I gave out bags of rice to everybody and asked if they would give me a rice recipe
 - hopefully sometime I'll have some great recipes to share.

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