Sunday, May 21, 2017


Sunday morning started out great with a video call from Michael. He introduced us to Julia who now lives in Monterrey though I understand she grew up in Fresno. He explained that they met in a Stats class (awe goes up 25 points!) and she is a Spanish speaking return missionary from Idaho. What a combo. She has 4 brothers and is beautiful. I could see why Michael is smitten.

So after that lovely call I went to church. In Primary today I couldn't figure out why the talking and distractions just never ceased. I don't believe anything was taught at all and I'm not really sure what my roll was in the class. Maybe next time I'll just take the 4 or 5 that are listening and leave the others at another table, at least then I'd be able to feel like something was accomplished. In sharing time it wasn't any different. Maybe it was the electricity in the air or weather or something........just one of those days.

Then Nate called out of the blue I loved talking with him. It has been several months since I've talked to him personally. The gratitude I feel for the role he and Kelsi are taking on is huge. They are keeping a home base for family members to come to and taking care of all our business so Jeffrey and I can have a really good time here. Of course he immediately shifted the conversation to Andrew when I mentioned it. Andrew is the caring man whom everyone loves and likes to talk to.

Jeffrey and I are loving the time, chats and interactions that we have never had time for besides our dating days.  But it is better now because we know each other and aren't just getting to know each other. I highly recommend a mission! It is better than a honeymoon and more interesting and fun than a vacation. Maybe more work than either of those, but there is a great satisfaction in flopping on the bed tired and knowing you've done a good job.

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