Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Timing, it is all in the timing

How do you know it's God's tender mercies? It's all in the timing.

Today I started out with a prayer as I am the one responsible for scheduling because Sister Hoem's is off at the Mission President's seminar or whatever for the week. My prayer was that if a missionary needed some dental work that they would be seen by the dentists. The first thing was a senior missionary needed to be seen after his wife, so we squeezed him in. It was fortuitous that his wife's appointment didn't go as long as expected. I got another call from a field missionary that she had gotten her work taken care of by a dentist near her and wouldn't be in at one today. I told her great. Then I told Elder Stewart that instead of a 1/2 hour lunch he could expect an hour and a half break.

Elder Stinchfield just had a patient in the chair when a missionary from the MTC came in the door and indicated he was having problems with his mouth in the place that his tooth had been extracted before his mission. This missionary had been categorized as a 4 meaning we would not have schedule him for an appointment.  I took his chart to Elder Stinchfiel and asked if he wanted this missionary scheduled or not and he said to put him another operatory and he'd take a look while his patient's mouth was getting numb. He discovered the walk-in had a cavity developing close to his missing tooth. I was getting set to write his name down when Elder Stewart came in and said, "No problem, I can see him right now."  I asked the Elder if he wanted to be taken care of now or another day. He elected to have his work done right then.

The only hour all day there was time available this Elder happens to walk in, Elder Stewart came back from his break early, the other field missionary decides to have her work done elsewhere today. There is no way I could line up anything with the finesse that God does.

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