Sunday, May 28, 2017

Good Week

After the Memorial Day Ceremony this morning I had great intentions of catching up on all the adventures of this past week........but I got carried away watching videos about making Father's day shirt cards. I don't want any paint projects like we did on Mother's day, so I'm looking for something simple the kids can do without all the fuss - but nice. Jeffrey and I got talking about everything and here it is late afternoon and I'm just starting to think about where I want to begin......

Adventures with Jonah

What a wonderful week I’ve had!  Jonah and I went on the start of a rainy cloudy day adventuring which turned in to a fluffy cloudy day with lots of color.  
Jonah knows the best places to go

We rode a jeepney to Cubao and I got a simple cell phone. It was cheap and only calls and sends texts. I’m hoping this will let me be connected to ward members (and maybe - if he turns on his phone, Jeffrey). Then we went off to try a traditional Filipino fmeal that you eat with your hands – basically it is bar-be-que chicken and a pile of rice with a sauce you make from soy sauce and teeny limes and in Jonah’s case she added a chili pepper – tiny and red very hot!  The rice is balled up with a little “chicken oil” that you sprinkle on and then pull chicken off and add to the rice ball then dip quickly in the sauce and eat it all with your fingers. Traditionally they serve it on a big banana leaf. In this restaurant they give you different plate colors so that those with the white plates can raise their hand and be served unlimited rice.  They also gave everybody complimentary bowls of sinigang soup (I am really liking this slightly sour soup). There is a place to wash your hands before and after you eat.
Good place to go!
Note the jars at the top of vinegar, oil, and soy sauce - I don't know what the vinegar was for - maybe a different sauce mix.
Squeeze the little limes, add soy sauce and in Jonah's case she snapped open these chili's - hot!
I basically figured out how to hold rice and chicken
Jonah of course was the expert and could use her thumb to slide it altogether into her mouth!
Then we rode off for our next adventure.......

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You look great, young, happy, and healthy!