Sunday, May 14, 2017

Temple Views

So the deal is I'm trying to stay awake long enough to call my daughter-in-laws to tell them how much I appreciate the fact that they are such great mothers. I know it is only 7:26 pm here but I am tired. When the sun goes down it can be almost anytime and I start to feel tired.  If the sun were shining I wouldn't be tired - but try telling my subconscious that.

Here are some pictures of the Manila temple - mostly when I arrive at sunrise. Usually at the end of the day I'm scrambling for a ride or finding Jeffrey and what not, so I don't even think about what kind of picture I want to take. The first two are in the middle of the day - sometimes I walk around doing errands and take my camera with me.

Coming up the road.

They were so small they looked like G I Joe figures

Well, it's now 8 pm so 8 am on the East coast. Too bad it's 5 am in California. I'll have to wait longer for that call.
I really do have the most terrific daughter-in-laws a mother could ask for. Happy Mothers day!


Don Lore said...

Happy Mother's Day!!
Love you!

LA Adams said...

Thanks Donald, life is really good right now and I had some adopted "grandchildren" that gave me notes and little gifts and lots and lots of hugs from the Primary children. I hope you and Brenda are loving life, happy and healthy!