Sunday, May 28, 2017

New Members of the Ward

They call her Aya but the program and cake said Andrea Faith (and her last name)  I made pillowcases for her to choose from and brought a pillow instead of the usual “comforter” blanket. It is just too hot for comfort. The  baptism was a really nice meeting with the Primary children singing and some of the program was in English.  Her birthday celebration was big and held after the baptism in another room.  The room was all decorated and many dishes and treats were set out. After eating some of the tables were taken out and the children played musical chairs and danced to music and froze when the music stopped. I learned that most birthdays are not celebrated with friends. The fact that I have witnessed two in three months is rare I'm told. Being a Primary teacher of eight year olds I guess I've seen more birthday parties that most would. 
Andrea blows out her birthday candles with her family alongside
Jaymee Albos plays musical chairs with the Primary children in ever smaller circle of chairs
Dancing to the music and freezing when it stops
They were all just too adorable!

I didn’t know that the 6:20 baptism following the 4 pm baptism was for a family coming into our ward. The mission president, President Koster, baptized the parents and two boys 8 and 10 years old. Tomorrow they will be confirmed and receive the Holy Ghost. There wasn’t a big decorated room and birthday cake etc. but they did serve Pancit (I have to learn how to make this!) and everyone welcomed them into the ward.  The Primary children sang at both baptisms. The first one they were fresh and adorable at the second baptism they were sweaty and adorable. After dancing and playing at Andrea's birthday party, all these sweaty cute kids got up and sang, “Teach me to Walk” and “I Am a Child of God” for the new family. The mission president speaks Tagalog fluently and his wife speaks it too. Everyone spoke Tagalog at this baptism but I'll bet it was great. The spirit was great. Right after the family was baptized, they are given the opportunity to bear their testimony - kids too. It seems it is a tradition here for newly baptized persons to get up and bear their testimony. The feeling in the room was great.
Singing in two baptisms, one at 4 pm and one at 6:30 pm

and then I left to go to a wake.......

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