Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Watching the Wall

A wealth of life goes on out of my window. I especially love watching the wall that runs alongside the river. On one side is a narrow strip of farm and rural type living by the river. Then on the other side, a road with no traffic and beyond that densely packed neighborhoods.

Finding a way
The wall seems to be a meeting point, a play ground, an avenue, a path to and from, a laundry rack, and a basketball court. Tonight I watched a big pack of kids/people playing some kind of game that would cause them to run back and forth but I am too far away to see if there was a ball involved. Smaller kids would jump over the wall and run into the bushes and trees and then run back up again. But they couldn't all jump up, grab the edge and pull themselves over the wall. One larger fellow jumped back down and boosted his friends up. Some of the creative ones stacked up debris make a running start and then grab the wall and pull themselves over. They never left their buddies behind.
Helping friends
There is usually always a basketball game going on except certain times on Sunday and sometimes in the heat of the day just after noon.
Large groups of people playing appear in the early evening just a few hours before dark. When night falls, street lights do not penetrate as far as the wall. But before the sun sets there is a multiplicity of happenings on the wall.
Participants and spectators

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