Thursday, June 15, 2017

Another Milestone

Jonah and I set out on another adventure after we got back from the Bazaar on Tuesday morning.
Putting my trust in Jonah's guidance, she put her trust in my driving. Here is my Facebook post about the journey:

Two thumbs up!! We made it, we are alive, successful trip - DRIVING in downtown traffic. This means we crossed a multi-lane road WITHOUT a traffic light or stop sign (for anyone) and then later turned left from two lanes of traffic unto a four lane two direction road (No lights) - AND NOBODY GOT KILLED and we didn't have a collision. Ok so maybe somebody honked when I let a boy and an old man cross the street making them wait instead of letting the man and boy dodge traffic.
But Nothing would have been possible without Jonah Magno sitting as navigator and guide!!!! Thanks Jonah, that's one more merit badge in living in the Philippines Metro Manila!
You will notice there are NO PICTURES, maybe just fingernail prints in the steering wheel.
We did accomplish our mission and bought some shirts, a tie, and some socks for the missionary grandson whose birthday was Monday. On the way home after surviving a perilous left turn, Jonah and I gave each other a spontaneous quick high five because we did it!  She brought me to her home and let me see where she lives.
Walking up the alley where she lives, the walls are painted a deep blue, clothes are hung way overhead and someone has a rack of potted plants. I felt I was in an underwater aquarium, it was beautiful. Jonah's place could fit in our bedroom and had beautiful blue on their walls too. I really liked the color. I noted everything was very neat and tidy, shipshape. I felt honored that she would let me see her home. I can understand why people are not invited over to each others home, there is no room. Then from her place I found my way home all by myself.
I can do hard things.

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