Saturday, June 3, 2017

Birthday Dinner

It has been awhile since I've seen this sight
We walked with the Solera's family over to the restaurant across the street from the Area office
Christine, Ernesto and Jhon Kyle
Princess and Jhon Andre
We went to a Thai restaurant that Jeffrey had gone to in the past. He loved the food and so did the Stinchfield's when they went. I loved the food but I don't think the little kids enjoyed it as much. Maybe they had filled up on Sprite and water - but maybe not.  The adults all seem to love the food. It was so nice getting to know their family a little better!
I'm not sure of all the different kinds of food we had. Prawns and lemon grass, and some kind of rice roll that was not sushi
It was all served family style and included fish, chicken, rice with lots of extras in it and more
The family after lunch: Christine, Princess, Jhon Kyle, Jhon Andre, and Ernesto - Happy Birthday! Not shown is Elder Jhon Michael who is serving a mission in Baguio

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