Saturday, June 3, 2017

Flores de Mayo (Flowers of May) Maybe Santacruzan

The trumpets and drums could be heard up on the 26th floor, so I jumped up to see where the parade was. On one tiny sliver of the road going around the mall circle I could see a procession parade with a band, float, and marchers in the early evening.
I missed the security car in front, but all these people in flowing robes came just after followed by others with candles. The people in flowing white robes carried tall lights and something in their hands
I jumped over to another slice of the road and saw the band. The band and float with others behind
Flag twirlers and the percussion

Then more flowing robed persons carrying high lights and something in their hands

There seemed to be a lot of people walking with lights/candles? along with the people in white
I had a hard time deciding if this was the same float or another one, it was the last except for some people in white robes and tall lights behind and another security detail behind.
The next morning at work I had to ask Jonah what celebration parade was being held on the last day of May. She answered that the Flores de Mayo translated Flowers of May is a celebration - each Parrish has their own day in May. So presumably our Parrish in Eastwood Mall held theirs on May 31.

Here is a link if you are curious too. Flores de Mayo

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