Saturday, June 3, 2017

Had a Moment

I had a moment in the grocery store a little while ago. There were some tortillas, salsa and fixin's from a familiar brand and when I came up close the smell flooded my mind with a sense of nostalgia. I was literally stopped in my tracks.
I feel I have really adjusted and adapted to living here and love my life very much. I had this moment of realization that I was in a place that wasn't the home I grew up in. It was okay and I pushed and went on to the rest of my shopping.
Thinking about it later, I thought about the instances when every once in awhile I've experienced a displacement and wonder that am doing what I am doing. One afternoon in Provo I was astounded to realize I was married and had two children.  Do certain things trigger memories of living in a heavenly home every once in awhile? Am I stopped in my tracks as I realize I am on earth in a different place and circumstance?
What will it be like returning to my Heavenly Father who gave me life? The only likeness I can think of is what I may feel when I return to California and my family. What will it feel like to be with my Heavenly Father and Mother again?

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