Friday, June 2, 2017

Liking Jonah Magno

This week was Jonah's birthday and celebration. She had a celebration at home with family, at church, at work, and at the dental clinic with us.
Jonah at home
Jonah explains that its a tradition the birthday girl wears a red dress to church and everyone knows it's your birthday
With the MRC at a nice restaurant 
Dr. Stewart bought a double chocolate cake and Rocky Road ice-cream
Birthday wishes in Tagalog
Sister Stewart sang and danced the Happy Birthday song

Serving up ice-cream and cake
Jonah is a colleague but as young as my children. I love having her generous, loving spirit in my life. She does things like my kids do - reset my phone when I mess it up (actually she took me down to buy it) and shows me how to use features on my computer. She has a subtle humor and smiles a lot. I'm growing quite attached.

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