Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Whiteheads - the New dentist family

The Whitehead family has not been here even a week yet. Already they have made a difference in the Dental Clinic. On Intake Dr. Whitehead and his family got a front row seat in the action.
Screening missionareis - Elder Whitehead puts on his gloves to check another mouth, his wife writes down what he finds. 
Dr. Whitehead asks thoughtful questions in his determination of category rank
The other Sister Whitehead helps out in the Dental Clinic and also the MTC.
Directing traffic on intake day. The buildings look the same and the missionaries can get lost easily.
Sister Whitehead practices on Sister Whitehead the procedures that they will use with the missionaries.
After intake on Friday, the Whiteheads were at work on Monday taking care of missionaries. I would describe it as baptism by fire. They are also trying to find an apartment, getting immigration cleared, getting a car and phone, and trying to live in a brand new world.

The paper work had dramatically increased and life is faster. Sister Hoem's has been gone a week and boy do I miss her!  I've been dog paddling all week trying to stay just far enough ahead to keep the chairs full and record all the necessary work.
I love this life!

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