Friday, June 2, 2017

Grandchildren for a year

Not having children to give things to and make things for and just watch and tend, I adopted a family with children for a year. Ernesto Soleara's children are wonderful. I only see them once a month when  Ernesto and Christine go to the temple. I watch their children in the temple annex and have found that the other children around like the crafts and things I bring for them to play with. The paper crafts are for everyone but the games and toys are always given to the Solaras children and they have to give permission for the other children to use.  It works out very well.
The children making Father's day cards

This time I brought 500 sheets of paper so I wouldn't run out and got several packages of construction paper. I bought more scissors and more glue tubes. It was perfect - everybody could make whatever they wanted - all morning long.
Hey what's up there?
This time I brought plenty of water in little once use size bottles, and some snacks. After doing the paper crafts the children went outside with their water and snacks. When they came in, I brought out the games and toys.
Some games took as much time to put to together as the time they spent playing
Andre with dominoes - I will always bring dominoes as there are so many things you can do with them.
Later today Jeffrey and I will go back and meet the Soleras family and take them to lunch for Ernesto's birthday - which is tomorrow.  Right now I am taking a break and reflecting.

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