Thursday, June 15, 2017

Pancit and Lumpia

So I conned asked Sister Chan to show me how to make pancit, a noodle dish that I really like. I have never tasted it the same way twice. When Jeffrey and I asked the Chan's over for dinner on Sunday we found out she is a chef for different organizations and is the one who cooked for the ward at the last birthday party. Sister Chan asked if I had ever had fresh lumpia and I told her I'd never heard of it. Of course just the word lumpia and I'm all over it.  So we made arrangements to meet and go shopping on Wednesday then come back and she would demonstrate how to make both.
Sounds so simple. Of course the day was hot. But the jeepney ride was like Harry Potter's bus ride without the shrunken head dancing. This driver was on a apparent suicide mission to get everyone there as quickly as he could squeeze in and out of traffic while dodging trucks and busses. Disneyland has no comparable ride - of course there you are guaranteed life at the end.
A movie was shot here one time - I have no idea when or which one
We jumped down (do you know my back always hits the roof when I shuffle out of a jeepney?) and landed in Aladdin's cave of food treasures. The open mall has a shade roof over the walk way and went for at least a quarter of a mile. It is lined with stall after stall of every food imaginable.Splashes of color and designs caught my eye as I walked along snapping pictures after Sister Chan. She said the other side of the mall  has different kinds of goods. Everything (I mean everything) is open air. Some cats were jumping over the bags of opened rice and nothing was under glass. It was colorful and eerily beautiful.

When I mentioned plastic to Sister Chan, she asked how would I know if my meat was fresh?
I was like a duckling following her around as she picked out exactly what she wanted. I told her I would just hold everything.

The ride back was normal and fluid. The only downside was the shrimp in my bag had poked through the thin plastic bag and dripped over my knee. The smell seemed to repel a few jeepney customers. Back home Sister Chan told me how big my kitchen was and I realized perspective is an awesome thing. She was very particular about how things were cut - but I'm a good student.

Jeffrey said, "This is the best pancit I've ever had!
After observing, I concluded the key to pancit is the broth the noodles are cooked in. The vegetables are for color and nutrition. (I took pictures of every step - but really will I make this myself?)

The lumpia was extraordinary and the pancit was fantastic. Sister Chan is very gifted.
After watching her, cutting up vegetables and seeing how much work it is to make - I might just hire her or ask her to 'show' me so we can have some again.

I forgot to take a picture on Sunday, so when I picked up Sister Chan I took a picture of Brother Chan and his grandson too.
Brother Chan and his grandson - this is their transportation

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