Thursday, June 15, 2017


The 'Dental Debs' finally got a chance to go to the Bazaar that the senior ladies in the MTC and Area office tell us about each month. I wondered what AWCP stood for and why vendors got together once a month for ladies to go shopping in a convention center. I found this site online that tells about their aims. American Women's Club of the Philippines is an expat organization that helps women adjust to a new country and donates to charities. I am sure they have other laudable goals and aims too.
We have all heard about the nifty stuff you can get there and watched the fun things the others have brought back. so when a day occurred on an intake week we didn't have patients in the chair we  all took off!
Sister Stewart tallest, Sister Adams and Stinchfield middle and Jonah Magno in the front
Big van to take us all in
Temple missionaries in the back. The Bischoff's are almost gone......
Jessie is always the designated driver especially in downtown Manila
We arrived somewhere near the Mall of Asia
The Convention Center does not allow cameras in the Bazaar - so I'll just have to tell you that it was filled with a little of everything! Long tables and dividers with jewelry, clothes, bags, doodads, quilts, woodworking, puppets, dolls, toys, baby things, etc.etc. 1/4 of the hall was dedicated to different food stalls and I think almost every type and country was represented. I was amazed at the diversity but was told that the September and October bazaars are phenomenal and I hadn't seen the busiest months. 
Shopping really isn't my thing but I was looking for birthday gifts for my Philippine grandchildren whose birthdays are coming up. I found a traditional Philippine game that has little bowls lined up and shells that you drop in each bowl until you can fill your "eating" bowl with many shells. The person with the most shells wins. Of course it is much more complicated than that.
And then I turned my attention on Jonah because I've adopted her as a daughter for a year. She is Andrew's age and such a lovely person to be around. I hope I didn't overwhelm her but she seemed to have fun as I looked through dress racks and urged her to try some of them on. When we found a dress I had to get shoes and some jewelry because it was all there. This kind of shopping is so much fun!
Then Jonah introduced me to Korean food and I really think I like their food! 
All of us traveled back with wonderful bags from recyclables and showed each other our treasures - fun times with the ladies (and a few gents).

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