Saturday, June 3, 2017

Ups and Downs

I flunked as a teacher in Primary today. I don't know if its a factor of school starting tomorrow after the summer break, or maybe just the fact that I don't teach very well. After trying stories, scriptures and acting, I just gave them some paper and markers and told them to draw whatever they wanted because obviously they didn't want to learn anything I had to teach today. So they all just had a great time drawing.
On another front I feel so many prayers of mine in regards to Jeffrey and my family and even the dental clinic get answered quickly and better than I dreamed about. Being on this mission is one of the best things (besides getting married to Jeffrey and having children) that I have done in my life. I feel joy, purpose, happiness and fulfillment.
Next week is a broadcast from the area, so I have two weeks to figure out how to do a better job in Primary.

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Ludlows said...

Sorry primary was hard. I hope next time you teach things go better. I know there are days when it seems nothing I say as a parent or teacher gets through.