Monday, June 26, 2017

Life in a Mall

The first few months I lived here, I only went shopping with Jeffrey so we could bring everything back in bags and backpacks.  After a bit I did not want to wait for Jeffrey so I went to the grocery store on my own. Not only did I feel I could leisurely walk through the store, I could get get exactly what I wanted by comparing and watching.  Of course I got more than was on my list. As I carefully packed up my back pack and evened out the grocery bags to match in weight the bagger asked about delivery.  I didn't understand but could tell I had some kind of option. I carried my bags home and watched other people, but didn't figure it out.  Finally it was Sister Stewart who mentioned that the bagger will wheel your cart right up to your door if you tip them. Changed my life!
Groceries next to refrigerator

I can get whatever I want, however much I want and a young man will wheel that unwieldy cart right through the mall and down an elevator right to my apartment building. I push it from the elevator right into my kitchen. I leave the empty cart outside of the building door and the bagger comes back sometime and picks up the carts.
It doesn't matter how many gallons of water I buy, they are easily brought home
Now that is the way to shop!

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Ludlows said...

Oh that is the way to shop!