Thursday, June 15, 2017

Wow, where did the week go?

So many firsts this week and lots of adventures too. I was amazed that my last post was the 3rd and now I'm almost done with the 15th!!  Too busy living life to tell about it.

Some really great news is the fact that the new dentist has arrived! The Whiteheads (from Utah) are walking around in their sleep smiling and nodding at everyone. The phrase, "When the Whiteheads get here......(such and such will happen)" has been spouted many times in the last few weeks. Will the case load lighten? Will the missionary pool get larger? Will we work 6 days or 5 days? Could there be an emergency doctor on call now?  Ah, so many possibilities and who knows the answers?
The Stinchfield's, the Stewarts, and the Whiteheads
Elder and Sister Whitehead are accompanied by their youngest daughter who will be set apart with them also and serve in the Dental Clinic and in the MTC.  President Carlos and Elder Whitehead were in the same mission together years ago.  I don't have the pictures yet as I took them with Sister Stewart's phone, but President and Sister Carlos came down to say hello with Brother Villanueva and then Elder Schmutz came to welcome them also. When I get pictures I'll post.

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