Saturday, June 17, 2017


This week has been full of adventures and trying out new things! The members of this ward have opened up their hearts and let me in to different aspects of life here of which I am so grateful!

I've noted one interesting fact, everyone seems to have many names. The children in Primary have a name that doesn't show up on the ward membership record. They have nicknames and then they have like four others names. The same with the adults. Sister Bayas was called to be the Primary president and when I tried to contact her I found the name they gave me was Miranda. I had to figure out if it was a first name or last name. Then she friended me on Facebook and her name was Ann Lorraine Salvador Miranda and I noticed that Lorraine was a name she frequently uses. I usually call her Sister.

The Primary President and I put some cookies and cards together for Father's day yesterday afternoon and we needed a few more supplies. We walked over to the grocery store and picked up our supplies. She was so careful to keep an umbrella over my head as she could tell I don't respond very well to the heat. She even made sure I didn't get hit crossing the street. When we came out of the store she bought some quail eggs and fish balls from a vendor - they were delicious!! I love the food here - there are so many spices and flavors that satisfy the soul. On the way back she hired a tricycle so I could have that experience too. So much fun!  Actually my thought that I was too big to fit wasn't true. I had room left over. It might be squishy if Jeffrey and I rode together but there is quite a bit of room in those tricycles.

The fish balls are colored orange on purpose and the quail eggs had a batter over them. I don't know what the spicy sauce was but it was just right!
In a tricycle

This is Sister Bayas, or Miranda Definitely the Primary President!

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