Monday, April 24, 2017

A Good Day

The morning breaks, the shadows flee.....

This is how my morning started out.

View of the temple from the MTC
We drove past the temple and I walked up to the MTC and then down to the dental clinic. We have the Stinchfields from Washington now working along side the Burtenshaw's and Stewarts. Dr. Stinchfield is an oral surgeon and will be a great benefit to many missionaries who haven't had their wisdom teeth removed. It is so hard when missionaries are just fine and then the wisdom teeth start to aggressively grow in and the pain can be quite bad.
Dr.s Burtenshaw and Dr. Stinchfield
The Stinchfields getting ready for their first patient
I had the privilege of assisting Dr. Burtenshaw so that Sister Burtenshaw could guide and assist Sister Stinchfield through the process of assisting her husband. It was very interesting and educational for me. I know the differences between an elevator, hemostat, condenser, explorer, acorn, number 12, plastic matrix, and lingual. 
Did you know there are 2 handed dentists and 4 handed dentistry? Dr. Stewart is a 2 handed dentist and  Dr. Burtenshaw is a 4 handed dentist. Just different ways of assisting. Putting your fingers in someones mouth is very interesting!
Well my day got really wonderful but the main participants will have to tell their own story first.

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Beautiful photos.