Sunday, April 9, 2017

This should be a picture of happiness

Just looking at this picture should tell you that I am happy and things are working out just like they are suppose to. Not so.
Pillow cases for the Albos family
Saturday happened to be a day of frustration and disappointment. The sewing machine wasn't quite the dream I anticipated. It was only because I prayed very hard asking the Lord if I could please finish these gifts for the Albos family that the 8 seams needed to complete this job got done.

After going to church, I can see a correlation between those who attend meetings and come to church functions who look like the Lord's children but fail to stand for the Lord when under pressure, and this machine that looks like a sewing machine. They both look and act in certain circumstances like the real thing but crumble when put to the test.

My kind, loving husband told me he couldn't stand to see me so frustrated at the end of the day, so he has budgeted for a real sewing machine (with sure-use warranty) and we are going to go get one this week.

Keep posted for the rest of the saga.

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Ludlows said...

Great analogy, but sorry about the sewing machine.