Saturday, April 15, 2017

Jeffrey makes me happy

Skimming through Facebook today I noted a story I have heard before of a man who had been married for 20 years and was thinking about divorce. He had an epiphany and started asking his wife every day what he could do to make her happy.   I thought about the story for awhile and realized that both Jeffrey and I have made discoveries through out our marriage about what  we need to do and not do to make each other happy.
Jeffrey bought me a sewing machine. That makes me happy! I have a creative outlet now that fills a bit of my soul.
Round 2 High hopes
Brothers sewing machine that says Japan quality on it. I've come to love Japan quality in machines, restaurants, autos and industry.
Good quality fabric can be found at 4 to 7 dollars a yard - I'm in heaven

Sewing up pillowcases for two families
Ready to give away!
On Good Friday I was finishing up the last of my pillowcases and realized the material I bought for the last pillowcases just wan't going to work. All of the stores, malls and most shops were closed so I couldn't go out and buy anymore and we were going to meet the Soleras family early Saturday morning. Jeffrey was kind enough to give up one of his shirts so I could put the top on two of my pillowcases. Now that is sacrifice for a good cause!

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Ludlows said...

What a good man! Love you!!