Sunday, April 30, 2017

New Friends

Today we had lunch with a young man from Jeffrey's primary class and his family. Gilda (pronounced Hilda) is his mother and I have met her at the MRC where she works. She has helped the Dental Clinic find supplies and is a Radiologist. She was instrumental in helping the Clinic get the x ray machine up and running, and licensed. So it was really nice to get to know her on a more personal basis. Gilda met her husband Genesis after she moved from the South to the MRC to work. He works in Immigration at the Area office for the missionaries who need visas to other countries. They have two children, Kyle and Karl (I'm not really sure how to spell their names yet). Kyle the oldest girl -in the eighth grade going on ninth - is very artistic and can play the piano, writes stories, reads Hardy Boys, Shakespeare, and Harry Potter, and also draws. Gilda also plays the piano but Kyle was taught by a missionary who had a calling to teach piano to students here. When they pass their competency tests they were given a keyboard. Kyle was the youngest in the class at the time to earn her keyboard. She plays hymns and some classical works. Sometimes she plays in church when the usual pianist is gone (whom also was taught by a missionary). Karl who will be twelve in October, is a very bright young man who though autistic has plans to direct films, has a lively imagination and came remember facts given him previously. They are an amazing family of achievement and promise. The dad said his mother could only give him one gift and that was education and she told him to stick with the church and stay close to God. I think her efforts paid off in a big way looking at this wonderful family.
Kyle, Genesis, Gilda, Karl
They have American visas, I hope they can visit us again!

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