Friday, April 7, 2017

Reminder of God's timing

We had another interesting day at the MTC Dental Clinic yesterday. First off a young missionary came in with problems with her braces poking her in the back of her jaw. Missionaries are strongly encouraged not to have braces during their missions as there is no guarantee of ongoing orthodontic care. This sister had her braces removed and then Dr. Burtenshaw fashioned a plastic retainer for her. I thought it was awesome to watch him make a mold of her teeth, cut out all the extra mold material, then put it on a plate and cover it with a plastic that he cut out a retainer by hand in between tending patients.
Just before he had a rest break,  the field missionary arrived over an hour early, so he went right on to take care of her and then when the field missionary's actual time came the MTC called in about an emergency missionary who had been having trouble with her wisdom teeth. She had checked out on the initial screening because her teeth looked good, but had been having problems with her wisdom teeth growing in.
I just watched in awe as the Lord co-ordinated travel plans (which here in Manila are a nightmare) to enable multiple people to be helped and also that the sister in the MTC would have the signal of pain to be able to have her teeth taken care of now with a wisdom tooth expert, instead of a few months from now when it would cost her money and of course time away from her endeavors. The missionary getting her braces off was able to come back in and get a retainer so she doesn't lose the progress she has already made in straightening her teeth.Then of course Dr. Burtenshaw took care of the rest of his scheduled missionaries.
I don't have a picture of the doctor bent over asleep, I was afraid it would wake him up to click a picture.

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Don Lore said...

Dedication and heavenly aid. What a combination!