Sunday, April 9, 2017

Seeing things differently

Today I opened up my scriptures to read in the Book of Mormon and happened to land on Alma 26:6.  The thought popped into my head that I knew this scripture was true because I have watched events in our family when we have received protection and blessings. For example over 10 years ago we heeded the prophet President Hinckley, who asked us to get out of debt and Jeffrey listened to our Stake President Hunt who urged all of us to do so now. Jeffrey told me at the time that it didn't make financial sense to pull our savings to pay off our mortgage because of some wonderful formula that luckily I don't need to figure out. We paid off the mortgage anyway - and anyone who knows us, knows we drive cars around until they clunk into the ground.
To shorten the story, "the storm cannot penetrate to them" and "neither shall they be driven" applies if someone else can't tell you what to do because you don't owe anyone anything. We have been hugely blessed by the Lord - especially right now.
So I went over to Jeffrey to show him my insight into this scripture. He listened and read the scripture and said how applicable it was to his current reading about the preparation for the last days and Jesus Christ's coming. You will have to get the whole picture from him, but I went away laughing that Jeffrey is looking at a big picture application of scripture and I see the present day application. It is just how we usually roll.


Ludlows said...

This shows me how well you compliment each other.

Ludlows said...

And, I've always remembered that old can of yours, and as an adult love that you drove it around for so long. We are doing slightly the same thing. With the new baby coming we need to get rid of one car that doesn't fit our family but we are hoping the other will keep working so we only need to replace one old clunker for another new to us clunker.