Saturday, April 22, 2017

Time flying by

Beauty here every day

Life is moving at a fast clip lately. In the dental clinic we have a new dentist who has arrived with his wife. They are still adjusting to the time and will start working slowly next week. For one week we will have three dentists in the office until the Burtenshaws go home in May.
Last week I sewed up pillowcases for everybody in the office and next I will probably sew up some for the Eckerts.
Almost looks like a bed! The pillow is actually old and is to be used as a prayer pillow to kneel on

Elder and Sister Eckert work as nurses in the MTC infirmary and help out our missionaries as they heal from the work done. They get calls in the middle of the night for all kinds of things and lots of concerns during the day. I am awed by the caring, empathy, and teaching they do every day.

This week David Berrett from Salt Lake City visited the Legal office and Jeffrey and I had lunch with him. He was very nice and easy to chat with. He asked an interesting question, "What can we do to make your mission better?" Actually I could think of nothing that any man could do because my Heavenly Father answers all my yearnings in such a huge way. I have meaningful work, I have a creative outlet, I get to interact with Filipinos and their families, I live in air-conditioned places and this is a soul-filling beautiful place to live.

This week was our 33rd wedding anniversary and we spent it just like the last 25 - apart. Jeffrey was working late and I went to a farewell for the Soderquists after work. As usual we will celebrate in June (or July). Actually this whole mission has been a type of anniversary celebration as we talk and share with each other daily.

One morning this week the whole back floor of the clinic was flooded. Rizal and Ernesto got it fixed and cleaned up. We really have an awesome team who keeps this place running smoothly.
Rizal is great with the tools, Ernesto make our clinic run smooth
Jeffrey pointed out that 6 months have already gone by and I was a little shocked. Wait, I think I was suppose to know more before now......I'll have to step up my game.

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Ludlows said...

6 months already!!! I love you and love reading about your adventures!