Sunday, April 30, 2017

It's Time - Jonah-ing

I noted the first week I was here that there are no curling irons or hot rollers. You can buy all kinds of instruments to straighten your hair but only if you have very long hair do they have these double curve kind of curling irons to use for curling. So I kept pulling back my hair, braiding it up, generally messing with it for too long each morning. I was unsatisfied but when I saw this picture I decided not to fool myself any longer and went with Jonah on another trip.
Bad news
Shorter and much cooler
Jonah and I had so much fun riding around in jeepneys, walking through the mall, buying stuff - lots of stuff, up stairs, then down stairs, and then getting my hair cut by an expert. It is very short in the back and short in the front and falls into place when I shake my head - nice.

It is so fun to go with Jonah! She makes every trip a lot of fun.
Before - on the way to
After - on the way back

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