Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Field Missionaries

It was fun to rub shoulders with the missionaries from the field this morning. One couple drove seven hours yesterday to get here. They live on an island just south of Manila and drove from one end of the island to the other, got on a ferry for another 3 hours, got off the ferry and traveled to Quezon City. They stayed with some missionaries then early this morning arrived for their dental appointment. Another elder from their mission got dropped off by other elders and an hour later a sister came with the sisters that are in our home ward. We had a nice crowd. The Burtenshaw's got talking and found the young elder is going to be a football player for BYU so I told him we needed his picture so we could all say we knew him before he became famous.
Burtenshaws with soon to be famous elder and the Wilcox from  Preston, Idaho
The Wilcox decided to wait for the other two to get finished so they could drive them over to the mission office. They had driven a car into the city and replaced it with a van to bring back to their island, so they had room for all.
Quezon City Missionaries
The sisters next to the oldest elder are from our ward.
It was a fun hubbub and mix of interesting people from all over. Their spirit was infectious and wonderful to be around. We were all laughing before they left - even the young elder who got some teeth extracted.

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