Sunday, April 9, 2017


Late afternoon Jeffrey and I took off to go to the Albos home out in the Province.  We are very fortunate to have been able to get to know their family because now they have moved out of our ward. They were our first dinner guests in our apartment and now we ended up being their first dinner guests in their new home. The big surprise was that their daughter Jasmine got home from her mission two days ago. She went to the Salt Lake City Temple Square Mission.
We had a dish called pancet and I have to get a recipe because it is great and I think my family at home will like it. Rose also served lots of fruit and melted cheese sandwiches and the children's uncle made a black forest cake that was delicious, I loved the mango smoothies!
Pancet  - different noodles, meat and vegetables with lime sauce over the top
My sister-in-law Janice got us in touch with Jimmy Albos her friend when on her mission here. Jeffrey and I love his wife Rose, daughter Jayme, ah opps I forgot the son's name - James? and of course we love Jimmy. Hopefully we can get to know Jasmine who just got home. Now we find that Rose's brother and niece live with them too. The uncle has lived in Alberta, Canada as a baker and cook and just got back a little while ago. Rose's niece - I've got her name on the back of my tongue - ahh, I'll ask again it was a pretty name - anyway she is the daughter of another of Rose's brothers. They work together very well and it feels so nice to walk into their new home.
Albos family, Uncle, Jasmine, Jimmy Rose, niece, son/James? and Jayme
I feel bad we won't see them every week anymore. The two girls, Jayme and Jasmine will be going to school at college, I don't know if they will be in the city or not.  So far Jayme is still teaching Primary with me. This warm, loving family is going to make a difference to many other people.
The Elders came over and we all had a family home evening after dinner.
Jayme played the music for the songs
The Elders said the prayers
Jasmine gave a report of her mission, Jeffrey and I bore a testimony and Rose told us about their adventures when Jasmine came home. Great evening.

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