Saturday, April 22, 2017

Feeling Needed

On Saturday I got an email from my team-teacher telling me she wouldn't be at Primary on Sunday - no problem I prepared a lesson.
When I showed up for class we had to go get chairs and set everything up. When class started the younger ones came in with us because there wasn't another teacher. I was glad I made extra handouts. When sharing time was suppose to start there was only one woman. I don't know what her title is but she comes to help out most weeks. As she struggled to get opening and closing prayers and such I couldn't stand it and with a prayer in my heart I went up to the front and started singing songs with the Primary kids. I've been gone so long from Primary I am not up on all the newest songs, so it was a little hilarious. The lady came back from somewhere and started the Primary with a prayer and an article of faith recitation. Then she looked to me to sing some more songs. The Primary counselor came in with about 20 minutes left of the day and had the kids draw paper flowers for their mom. I realized that mother's day is going to be in 3 weeks, one of which will be Stake Conference, so I went around snapping pictures of all the kids so we could make something for moms in a couple of weeks.
Lots of the children and parents are gone because it is "summer" here and they go to the Provinces for summer vacation. The Primary president has actually moved two months ago and comes back sometimes to help out. I've decided I'm need where I am - but - I am going to have a sharing time prepared in my back pocket and maybe learn a few more songs.
Dawn breaking
This week in the dental clinic we had a young man come in because, "I can't open my mouth further than two slices of bread without a lot of pain." The dentist took out his wisdom teeth and he couldn't thank the dentist enough as he walked out of the door. Of course he was still numb but hopefully he will heal quickly and be just as thankful.
Another young missionary came in with "something" spackel?, some kind of filling that looked terrible on his front teeth. The dentist was very careful to remove and check for anything underneath and then give him a lovely front filling that he can actually smile with.
This job makes it very easy to fill the importance of doing something. Much different from being a mom where the rewards are years and years later. Probably more lasting, though I am enjoying the feeling of rewards coming the same day I expend my efforts.


Ludlows said...

I remember one Sunday very similar to yours. We had no teachers, no singing time people show up and I ended up teaching the lesson, singing time, and sharing time. I was at least planning on teaching sharing time. Good thing you were there to help.

LA Adams said...

Shuanna you are a very talented lady and I can almost here you laugh as you take over and and show the children how much you love them. I am so glad I know you!