Saturday, April 15, 2017

Adopting a family for a year

There are just certain things a grandmother wants to do. One of them is to do things for her grandkids. My grandkids are currently far, far away but I still want to do things. So the solution was to find some grandkids right here while I am in Manila. Ernesto Solera works in our Dental Clinic fixing things all the time. I see him three or four times a week and always ask about his children. A little while ago I decided to adopt his children as my grandchildren for awhile so I have somebody to do grandmother things for - hopefully with.
Solres family at the Temple
So I sewed up some pillowcases and bought a few pillows and made some cookies and bread. Today Jeffrey and I went bright and early to the temple and missed them in our session, we waited around and found Ernesto coming out of later session and got to meet his wonderful family.  I'm hoping we can be with the kids when Ernesto and Christina go to the temple another month. They do not understand very much English and I don't know very much Tagalog, it should be interesting.

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